Global Health Conference

Bringing Global Health Home

September 28, 2019
University of Saskatchewan
Health Sciences Building

Global Health Conference 2019


The Global Health Conference is dedicated to raising awareness about pressing global health issues. This will be a forum to discuss and analyze practices and policies that move us towards a healthier world. This  conference is an opportunity for researchers, students, and community members involved in global health to network and discuss exciting research, programs, and projects in the field. We hope to inspire participants to work collaboratively toward promoting equity in gender both locally and globally.

The conference is held on the University of Saskatchewan Campus. The topic varies from year to year and typically focuses on global health initiatives, research, and projects. We welcome proposals on any of these and other related issues. GHC 2018 will be a place to share your research and practice in the field of Global health with your community and colleagues from different disciplines. 

The 2019 Global Health Conference planning committee is always looking for new commitee members from all health sciences departments!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our team at